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The city on music: Piano City Milano 2019

The city on music: Piano City Milano 2019

If you want to experience Piano City Milano, come and stay with us at Hotel Mediolanum!

Hotel Mediolanum is happy to welcome you with its colourful and comfy rooms, to enjoy the music offered by one of the most original events of the Milanese Spring: Piano City Milano 2019!

The passion for music and for its main instrument, the piano, will brighten up the city of Milan, its streets, clubs and inner gardens, the parlours of private homes end for sure common areas such as parks, stations and museums.

From 17th to 19th may 2019, all the city will be star struck by the notes of young talents, passionate pianists offering their wonderful repertoire of classical music, Beatles, and the most famous contemporary artists.

Workshops, lessons and concerts will be at the core of Milan during these days, where you won’t expect them to be: picture yourself entering a house of somebody you don’t know at all, sit on their sofa, sip a hot tea listening to some good music. This is Piano City Milano!

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Due to the good season, the event can be held also outdoor in the city parks, in private gardens and inner courtyards, fascinating corners of a suggestive Milan, that you can unveil in all its charm staying at our hotel near Milan Central Station.

During your stay at Hotel Mediolanum in Milan, you will be able to enjoy the international atmosphere of Piano City Milan, perfect destination for all the travellers and free spirits out there.

Contact us to have all the information about Piano City Milano and create your itinerary at the discovery of Milan, with the live notes of a surprising soundtrack, made of hundreds of concerts and performances of many talented artists.

Experience Piano City Milan 2019 with us,
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